The 2020-21 sports season presented some unique challenges for all of us – as individuals and teams. When it came to sports photography, we were not able to take traditional group photos due to social distancing and masking requirements. But we got creative and found a way to safely overcome the obstacle by taking one photo at a time, creating a virtual background, and then building each composite team photo. 

With 11 teams comprised of 175 player photos and 25 coach photos in total, you can imagine that this was a significant undertaking. The good news is that they all turned out great and the athletes will have something to look back on to remember their season! We provided an initial set of these team photos along with an individual photo to each departing senior at graduation, and have recently produced the larger-scale team photos hanging in the sports hallway at the CDA Plano campus. 

Production has been slow, but I’m thrilled to announce that these team composites are available for families to purchase in 5x7, 8x10, or 16x20 sizes. Contact-free web purchases can be made on the team composites page of this website, or if you prefer to facilitate a more personal transaction you can email or call me at (469) 625-8082 with your request.

Thanks for your patience and thanks again for allowing me to serve your families this year.